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Biography and novels

Fuente: Pixabay/StevePB


Silvia Pato 

Galician writer and book author born in Ferrol, Spain. She penned the fantasy novels The Nine Gems (Literanda, 2013) and The Book of No Return (Valinor, 2014).

She studied at University of A Coruña, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Policy. Since 2009 she has been collaborating as a columnist in digital web journals and cultural magazines, she also blogs about nature and environmental topics, photography, and music at A través de mi visor and Un compás de obturador, her personal blogs. In 2013 she started writing weekly articles, literary reviews and curiosities about forgotten famous names, mostly important female figures, for the cultural magazine Culturamas.
She has published a great deal of science fiction stories in Spanish sci-fi magazines, such as Planetas Prohibidos and Alfa Eridiani. as well as a contemporary fantasy short story, El despertar de Hornung. At present, she is putting the finishing touches to her first essay. 
A passionate photographer, when she’s not writing about the world, she’s observing it,taking snapshots of every single detail around her. She has exhibited part of her work on nature and environment, and has contributed to several music publications. She’s a founding member of the non-profit association Fotografía y Biodiversidad (“Photography and Biodiversity”), and has provided faunistic records to several of its specialised publications.
In 2014, she wrote the column «Reflexiones en la era tecnológica» (“Thoughts and opinions in the Information Age”) at the digital newspaper El Cotidiano. Her observations on society and literature can be now read at Libros de Fondo, her blog in Culturamas. Since 2015 she’s a web editor at the cinema and tv site La Sombra de Alfred, as well as a freelance writer and copywriter both in traditional and digital media.

The Book of No Return Silvia Pato

An heir with a noble heart. An ambitious woman. A greedy man, avid of power. The Book of No Return falls in the hands of the people of Eryme to test the strength of their souls, and few are truly able to resist temptation. Owen de Edardan embarks on a journey to find the way to destroy the book and thus save his father and the whole county from a fatal destiny.


 Novela corta Silvia Pato

Under the fire of a dragon, a woman learns that the world she lives in is just a shadow of the one she used to know. A young man spends his days treasuring a turbulent secret while hiding behind all the books he has learnt just too well. A man who knows that neither time nor strength will prevent him from obtaining absolute power. In a time when magic can mess the past with the present, the search for the heart of Nyur will bring them together in this modern fantasy short story where no one is who they seem to be. 

 The Nine Gems Silvia Pato

With a clear environmentalist inclination and trying to avoid the genre’s stereotypes, The Nine Gems travels through a world of fantasy where a young man, chosen by the gods, must embark on an incredible adventure that will take him through remote villages, thick forests, dangerous deserts, and gloomy places. From the remote island of Argea, Argar, the heir of the Astreos, will embark on a long journey through the Empire of the Seven Worlds in search for the nine sacred gems that will prevent the destruction of nature as we know it. In the island of Neso, Enroc, a clumsy magician who will give Argar access to the knowledge he had been kept from, will join him on his adventure; and, in the vast area of the Great Continent, they will meet Saskia, an aloof sarcastic mercenary who will drive them to the very doors of the Éboro. Argar will grow and evolve through this journey that will take him back home, where he will have to face the truth about his past, his present and his future.

Traducción de Marta Nadales Ruiz


A Coruña, Galicia (España)

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